Where to go for your next fly fishing adventure

We have compiled a list of top fly fishing destinations in Canada, which includes the towns and villages that will make your fishing experience memorable for a lifetime. We will also guide you on how and where to find the best supplies for fly fishing gear in the country.

The rivers and lakes

Canada is home to several large rivers like the Yukon and Mackenzie Rivers where you can find the many species like salmon, steelhead and white sturgeon. If you want to go out fishing, there are a lot of options including the pristine lakes in the country. We have a lot of information that will be useful for planning your perfect fishing adventure. We will guide you on how to plan a trip for your fishing holiday and give you suggestions on where to get the best holiday experience.

We will help you plan your fishing trip to fit your individual schedule. You can choose to go to a single location for your fishing trip or combine several fishing destinations to get a more interesting experience.

Fishing competitions in Canada

A fishing holiday can be fun and relaxing. But if you want to take it to the next level, you could try entering one of the many fishing competitions held each year. This could make the whole trip a lot more exciting. Read more on this website about competitive fishing in Canada. If you don’t want to compete yourself, another great option is to bet on a fishing competition. This is something that we will also go in-depth about on this website.

Why choose fly fishing for your holiday?

Find out everything you need to know about fly fishing, and why everyone should try it. Fly fishing is a great way to get out of doors, experience nature and have fun. It also helps to build up your strength and endurance. Read more about this on other sections. If you do decide to try this sport for the first time, we think Canada is the perfect place to start.