Canada has it all when it comes to the freshwater lakes, streams and rivers that cover about nine per cent of the country. Here in Canada, you will find a home for anglers, steelheads, and the five species of salmon, that regularly bring people for fishing holidays in Canada.

Here are just a few of the best places to spend your holidays fishing.

Fraser River, British Columbia

If you want to fish for salmon, British Columbia is the right place, especially at the Fraser River. The trout season usually runs from March to November every year, which creates an opportunity for fishing, for the most part of the year. They also have the salmon season, that begins in July and ends in November. The Fraser River gets a lot of visitors coming for fishing holidays every year.

Hatchet Lake, Saskatchewan

Hatchet Lake is another great fishing location during the holidays. It can be found in northeast Saskatchewan. The lake water covers up to 5000 square miles. There is a lodge that provides visitors with all the equipment they need for their fishing adventure. You’ll find species like the Canadian walleye, arctic grayling, trophy size lake trout, and the northern pike.

Bow River, Alberta

The Bow River is a popular fishing site, where you can find species like the brown and rainbow trout. It holds over 3000 of this species per mile. The average size of fish you’ll find here is up to 19 inches. Here, there is also good accommodation for visitors, and you can even get a guided tour around the waters. The river is located in the southern part of Alberta, and you can easily access it from Calgary.

Little Vermilion Lake, Ontario

This is another very popular lake in Canada. The lake is commonly known to hold fishes like the smallmouth bass, muskie and northern pike. The policy here at this lake is that you catch and release the fish. You get to enjoy a great fishing experience. The Little Vermilion Lake grants you access to nine other lakes.

Kesagami Lake, Ontario

The Kesagami Lake houses the northern pike. Most of the northern pikes are between 40 and 50 inches in length, and you may find one that weighs up to 30 pounds. This lake also has a policy that only allows you to catch and release the fish back into the water. They, however, have a particular time when you can catch the walleyes, and enjoy them for lunch.

Kississing Lake, Manitoba

Kississing Lake covers up to 26 miles, and you will find several islands in it. The lake also has marshy weed beds that allow you to fish comfortably. You will see fish such as the lake trout, walleye and northern pike. Many locals around the area claim that a person can catch up to 100 fish here every day.