The primary method used in sports fishing is angling. It is usually done with a hook attached to a fishing rod and fitted using a reel for balancing, releasing and retrieving the line. People started using fishing as a recreational activity around the 16th century.

Sports fishing is especially prevalent in Canada and the United States. You will find various TV channels airing competitive sports. In Canada, the Canadian service set up the World Fishing Network in 2005, and it has gained a lot of international recognition. Fishing is an exciting sport that will always stand the test of time.

Fishing has gone a long way, especially in the sports industry. It is said that a href=”″fishing is more popular than horse racing/a and is the fourth most popular sport in the world.

Punters also have a lot of opportunities for betting on a href=”″fishing/a all over the world. There are many tournaments held across the world which they can bet on, like the UK Angling Championship held between May and August. There’s also the Fish ‘O’ Mania competition held in April and July, with sixteen qualifiers for the grand final.

Tips for Placing Bets on Angling

There are undoubtedly a lot of betting opportunities with gambling, and as such, this wonderful sport has gained recognition amongst bettors. If you have been considering putting your money into fishing, here’s what you need to know when betting on angling:

  • Research all the current events in angling through magazines, TV channels, online forums and fishing websites. Before you decide to bet on a href=””fishing/a competitions, you need to gather as much detailed information as you can, on recent events and tournaments. Betting should not be a guessing game. Getting information on the game will let you know your odds.


  • Check out all the prices and offers by bookmakers to get the best deal. There is plenty of rivalry and competition in the betting industry, and as such, there are always offers to look out for.


  • Look at books and other study resources to learn more about angling. If you don’t know anything about angling, you will end up losing all your money betting on this sport. Learn all you can about fishing, before investing your money.


  • Don’t bet with money you can’t afford to lose. Many people think betting is a way to get rich quickly and end up using money meant for essential things.


  • Make sure to bet responsibly, and not get addicted to it.

After learning all the information about angling, you can then go ahead to open an account with a betting site online. It is fun betting on angling, and the best part about it is that you can earn money while enjoying the sport you love.