Some people see fishing as a chance to hang out with friends outdoors in the afternoon while drinking beer. Others take it as a serious sport, where they get to compete with other people. The Bass Tournament was first introduced in the 1960s. Here are some facts you undoubtedly didn’t know about this great pastime.

Its Inspiration Is Basketball

The first televised fishing competition was the Bassmaster Classic, and it was aired on TV in 1967. The tournament was actually held on Beaver Lake, Arkansas.

Fishing Is the Fourth Most Popular Sport

The number of people that fish across the world is far more than the number of tennis players and golf players put together.

The Winner Is Determined by Various Factors

In sports fishing, the person with the weightiest catch isn’t the overall winner. The final winner in fishing is determined by the type of species, and the amount of fish caught. These two factors determine the score of the participants. In some other tournaments, the real score is based on the type of fishing line used. If the angler is using a thin fishing line, or a weak one, he’ll get more points.

The Sport Isn’t Always on a Boat

Many fishing sports take place on a boat or on land. There are, however, times when things are done differently. In some competitions, people fish from a kayak, inflatable inner tube or a paddle board.

Competitions Can Be Done Online

Some websites allow fishermen to take pictures and upload them online, so they are able to compete with others. They are able to showcase impressive catches online to win cash prizes. There’s usually a criterion they’ll have to follow before their uploads can be accepted. For example, for the size of the fish, anglers would need to include a ruler in the photograph for measurements, and there’s also an advanced algorithm that analyses each picture to show there’s no tampering.

Fish Must Be Kept Safe

In many fishing competitions, it is essential that the fish caught must go back into the water unharmed. The way anglers do it is that when a fish is caught, they put it in a “livewell” on the boat so that they can stay alive while aboard before they are then weighed. If a fish is harmed or dead, the angler will be penalized.

Luring Fish Gives an Advantage

Aside from experience and skills, an angler should also be able to attract the attention of fish to win. Some fishermen aim at luring a particular species of fish. There are actually many types of lures used by fishermen, and they have been known to attract prize-winning catches. If a fisherman is able to win a competition using a particular bait, that lure becomes very popular.